Tree Plantation Program

Human Welfare and Environment Protection Center (HWEPC)  and  Rotary Club of Dang and jointly organized a Tree Plantation Program in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City – 17, specifically in the Kisan Jagriti Women’s Community Forest Area and Dhikpur Dam area. The program aimed to promote environmental sustainability and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the region through the planting of 500 ornamental and fruit trees.  Tree Plantation Program took place on July 10, 2023. The event brought together members from both organizations and enthusiastic volunteers to actively contribute to the beautification and ecological balance of the community.

Tree Plantation Efforts:

The program focused on planting 500 saplings of ornamental trees and fruit trees. The selection of these tree varieties aimed to provide both environmental benefits and practical advantages for the community. Ornamental trees enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings, while fruit trees contribute to food security, income generation, and community well-being.